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*SCAM ALERT*: Stay safe! DO NOT send Bitcoin to anyone other than yourself.

Common Bitcoin scams:

• Romance / online dating scams
• Investment / Forex scams
• Hacking / blackmail scams
• Tax scams
• Fraudsters asking for payment in Bitcoin
• Online gambling sites

Only use your own private wallet, such as Exodus Wallet.

If you're unsure, speak with us via live chat. We're happy to help 24/7.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit & Debit Card

We offer credit card-to-crypto purchases using Visa & Mastercard (debit & credit cards), and Apple Pay.

Credit cards offer a fast and secure way to buy crypto online, especially in volatile markets when BTC charts can rise quickly.

Rates are similar to physical Bitcoin ATMs, but with no more need to wait in line with cash. Instead, buy 24/7 from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. Note, there is an additional $12 flat fee built into the exchange rate; best rates are for orders above $200. Tip: use a cash-back card for additional savings!

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